Just rode some park at B.A, good shit to come. Grabbing some 7 and seven, gettin drunk and going to do some work for my aunt. Wish this Bmx would pay a grown ass man’s wage, I’d be on cloud 9.

Alex is a man of many talents. Here him and his boy fluid get collective in the Tulsa heat.

Big ups to Mason Gray, and Loughead for being the first 2 to help spread the word of The Trip.

Ps. Make the T’s upside down crosses and you will receive more stickers. Get at i++

Check the Merch page for the address and get your ++rip stickers and help spread the word. PEACE!

What up ++ripaz. been chillin hard, ridin harder in SAN DeMeechego filmin for a new vans edit wit my boy Chris+ian and stayin on that new legal life/path. Spicemen/K2 life! Probation been going as good as it can for now, Bout to head to Vegas for Interbike than a 10 day shadow ++rip rite after. See you there!

“Been really excited for the release of my first edit since my knee injury back in December 2009. I got the opportunity to team up with Big Matt from www.GetYourKicksTulsa.com He’s super down with BMX and his filming is on point. Pumped to see what goes down in the next 2 weeks.”

Filming for an Osiris Shoes edit with Big Matt from Tulsa.

Get Your Kicks Promo from Tulsa, Ok filmed and edited by: Matt Phipps. 91Skate. ++

Get Your Kicks Promo from Get Your Kicks on Vimeo.

During some of the filming for The Trip Promo, the crew stayed in the heat of Tulsa, Ok right on good ol’ root 666. Life is good.


Burnt Cream Cheese

PK snakin fools

The Trip


The Asraf buggin

Set Sail

Fuck Televison



From Catfish
“So I get a text message picture of this bike at Walmart”

“and it was crazy because I spray painted my bike THAT EXACT COLOR. Nobody contacted me about making it. They just did it. Can I sue? Shiiiiiiit. Someone owes grandpa money.”

Welcome to America.

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