Sup y’all? Trip has been posted up at interbike all week with our new shirts chillin in the sparkys booth.. We made a remix edit of the 35 minute web promo to be played on loop while at interbike. Enjoy.

Vazquez challenged the homies he would race them to his house to get the car, took his shoes off and left so fast no one raced him.

Needless to say he shredded 6 miles and drove back for 1st place! Yeeew!

Hoang will be crankin up your doorstep thanks to Dans Comp. Hell yea lil Wheezy.

Whats good homies, Been chillin out in Cali for a little over a month living at Aaron Bostoms house in Long Beach. Pretty much been riding a ton, doing random shit and hanging out with my girl Tay.

Hiked to the top of this bitch such a sick view.

Sunken City

Party Time

Lizard King


Bostrom is Legened

Living Quarters

Watch this if you haven’t yet. Neyer slays!

Shout out to Pat King for getting the bump up to Fit pro.. Congrats homie!

BURRRR burrrr. What up ++rippas, me an a few homies (Darren Bouldin, Dan Foley, Will Goldston an Jared Whaylen) went out to the big ole town of Wilson, NC to shred this sweet ass park an here’s how it went… good times fooo sho. Enjoy www.negsrc.com

Congrats to Drew! he is on some big shit for next year, and next month is going to Dubai courtesy of Osiris Shoes. If your caught “high on weed” in the middle east they cut off your arm. Fuck EM!

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