Here’s an edit Eric filmed and edited of some of the homies in minneapolis area including legendary Nick Anderson and Seamus.

Jake Geisel is in Tulsa shooting with Miles Rogoish and Drew York for some big things for Osiris Shoes in 2011.

Vazquez has been killing Oklahoma for his Introductory edit for Sputnic.

Lahsaan is working on something everyone should be psyked on. More to come soon. Free LAHSHEEZY!

Lil boogie session from Tammy Jane! Halloweench edit coming soon!

Drew York Always Killin shit with the Mache++e.


Congrats goes out to Alex and all his hard work over the years. He has just been added to the Sputnic team. He deserves this more then anyone i know. Huoy! Now go peep his section in The Trip Promo while you wait for his “Welcome Edit” coming soon!

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