Dec, 10

San Die-go ++

Ty, Miles and his girl Temple, Garrett, and Tony Ennis all moved to San Diego for The Trip. Life is Good. ++

Ty got paper.

Cruisin out!

Roofio! Morning session at Ty’s Compound.

Ennis with the “Cool Cigs!”

Headed to STLN warehouse in the rain.

STICKY RICKY is Smart motha fucka!

Twitter Tits!

Highway Life. BLUNTS!

Aye Sticky, Where we at?




Wake up VAZ! Weedman is here!

TAM SLAM! Yeeew!

Squad Up! ++

Dec, 10

Mary piffmas 2

“My boy Lahsaan was gone for Piffmas this year but great times as planned were had with my homie Jon Stafford. Kid is unreal and its always fun and productive riding with him. El Cajon once again provided the spot partys throughout the day. MARY PIFFMAS! ++“
– Tammy Jane

Dec, 10

Lakobza officially professional

Go over to Defgrip to see an exclusive video filmed by all TRIP riders.
Congrats Lahsaan, WE IN THIS BITCH!

Dec, 10

Bruno in Rome

Bruno just landed in SD, Cali for his first Federal filming trip in the US. While Bruno is in the states we are trying to work on his ++ Welcome edit. You know you LIKE DAT!

Dec, 10

Reynolds moves on

Garrett has left the Premium team, to fuck with some RAW shit. Be on the look out in the months to come. While your at it go peep the Deadline site. ++

Dec, 10

Seamus on Subrosa!

The Subrosa Skeleton Crew officially introduces Seamus McKeon to the crew!

Dec, 10

TamTam off Sunday

“I no longer ride for sunday bikes. I wana give a HUGE thanks to Jim C and sunday for everything done for me. Fun times.”
-TJ ++

Dec, 10

Bikes over Baghdad

What up y’all. Grandpa checking in from my ++rip to Iraq. Shit is as wild as you can imagine over here.
The lack of trees hurts a little bit but its cool. Stoking the troops with some demos is fucking rad. We are doing all kinds of wild shit over here- riding shotgun military planes, popping off shots with big fucking guns, eating dinner in Saddams palaces and riding wild ass shit.

Stoked that everyone is moving out to Cali. When I get home- I will be making that drive and getting my couch on at the ++rip houses. Hope all is rocking in your respective worlds. See yall soon.


Dec, 10

Tammy 2010

Tammy boofed up this remix from his earlier web edits for Sunday and Coalition from 2010.

Dec, 10


Staff in Greenville, NC Edit – More BMX Videos

CONGRATS, Tony Neyer just got added to the Staff Team. Neyer, Ty, Reynolds, Carter, JJ, and Augustine all rip through Greenville, NC before they blasted over to the West. ACTION ++