My main man Steve Croteau has a new stereo ad for dig he is also gunna be out in Cali real soon filming for his section in the new ++ dvd. Steves been on top of the game for the last 5 years easy and aint showing any signs of slowing up. He just recently hurt his ankle while filming for an upcoming ESPN edit he’s been putting work in for! Ice up and roll up big homie.

Tammy just recently went to the DMV to get his license back cause he lost it while on the trip of his life in greenville NC filming his section in the first trip DVD. Tammy is an amazing bike rider but more importantly is an amazing soul to be around. Always super siked on life and has been making drastic steps in life, most recently he moved out on his own in a amazing house with 2 dogs a pelet gun and a pool table with a really good friend of ours dustin. We love you tammy!

Lahsaan just recently got back from a shadow trip, he was out there filming for his PRO TEAM EDIT! He just got the bump the start of this year. LK is real siked on it and has alot of things in the works with all of his sponsors ! stay on the site for that new edit dropping this month! LAHKOBZ for rookie of the year

black panthers for life

Miles flew out to AZ to join DY and the osiris crew for a 7 day trip around phoenix! Miles and Drew are both doin big thangs this year. keep your eyes peeled for miles sig frame and pegarillos from subrosa
miles with that new blunted whiskers! oh my what a night

In the meantime lahsaan,temple and burly are holding down the ++rip house!

Miles and Lahsaan were supposed to head up to the etnies warehouse for a session with lil Chad Khalifa and lil Ricany but ended up stayin in SD and filming some fire in north county. Be on the look out for that real soon! In other ++ news Lahkobz just signed with the UTAH JAZZ for a milli a year.

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