Out in here in Cali calls for some tight squeezes. Not a Problem, 666 point turn.

Subrosa has some new new over on there site featuring a Print Ad of Seamus and the statistics of Rogoish’s Pro Model Diablous frame.

Easy son, I’m out chillin in the British sun for a few days. Plastic pedals fucked me over again. Ploughed my foot into the floor, leavin me limpin for a few days…. Back on filmin asap son. Headin out to SD soon to hang wit you boys is gon be sick!! Hope you get better soon Miles bruv, and big shout outs to ma bnigga Ty for bein the baddest mother fucka on the planet. Love you all. ++

Hoang Man is working on a Dan’s Comp web edit with Rogoish that should be online soon.

Rogoish was filming for The Osiris Shoes Network and went down filming a “How-To” on a 10 stair rail in National City. He dislocated his shoulder and is out for a few weeks. Get well soon homie!

As you all may know Ty had a serious knockout at OB skatepark Tuesday March 15 and was put in and out of sedation numerous times over the course of 3 days. There were a few scares in the way Ty was acting when he wasn’t intimated. Ty’s mother, Momma Dooks showed up and helped out and Ty is doing fine again. A few days with un-equilibrium and his medicinal card and he will be back on his bike. Much Love Brother! ++

A cheers to Ty while he was in the hospital from Tony Ennis, Tony Neyer, Miles Rogoish, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palamere, and Lahsaan Kobza ++

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