Check out Pat droppin’ some fire in the 3rd installment of the Fit Trippin’ series. Shout out to SD local Tom Perry and the rest of the Fit crew for killin’ it.

Peep this remix of Brad someone threw together. My man has been killing it since day one. Recognize.

And don’t forget his most recent The Set edit.

Along with the one before that:

And while you’re at it, peep one of the newer Tuesdays with Miles featuring a few members from the ++ crew including Lahsaan Kobza, Brad Simms, Garrett Reynolds and Scott Ditchburn.

Go to Tuesdays With Miles for more videos.

The Trip welcomes Josh Harrington, Brad Simms, and JJ Palamere to the team!

Eddie Murphy and The Birthday Boy ++

Yay Yay

Ditch and Baaaaroookiecrispp!

Mario, Temple and Luigi

LaKobza forgot his Stache!

Flip Cross?

Ennis won the smoothie making contest the next morning. Get It!

Kayla, Simms, and Joy

Garrett and Ty ++

Whats up errrrbody, so i broke my leg/ankle on a 3 foot quarter pipe trying to manual it. I still cant believe it happened but thats how shit goes right? I had to get surgery an got 2 screws an a plate with 5 screws in it. So now i’m layed up on the couch for a while doing a whole lot of nothing. An i cant forget to thank Darren Bouldin for taking care of me for the first few days an helping me hobble around. Couldn’t have done it without ya buddy. I’ll be back on my grind soon enough. +stay tripped+

-Rick Scott

Tammy Jane just got back from a quick trip to Vegas shredding with his homies Matt Closson and Jeff Wescott.

“Huge thanks to Jeff for smiling behind the lens on this one.And definitly coalitionbmx.com and amitybikeco.com for making this happen. Vegas was a +rip”
-Tam Tam

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