A few homies from Sd went down to Austin for the Toast jam including Hoang, Kyle and I believe Tom. They get back thursday and will hopefully have some dope photos and stories to share. On a side-note: Shout out to the homie Matt Houck for winning the longest ice-pick contest wearing a Trip shirt.

Big shout out to Rick Scott for getting the bump up to pro for Guerra. Check this edit filmed before he broke his leg a couple months ago.

Ricks on the road to recovery now with about a month left to heal before he can start getting back to walking with out a boot and riding.

Rick and Ty also turned 21 this month and are enjoying the ability to get into bars and consume alcohol legally.

Whats good! Hope all is well cant wait to get back out in SD to kick it with the homies. I was in Chicago last week filming at the bakery and partying my ass off but managed to get a dope photo and me and malouf for the site. Meech you there soon!

++In Other news Neyer is about to drop some HEAT! Last 3 months in SD have been crazy for Tony, he filmed mad shit for a Sputnic edit that should be hitting the web soon and, with out a doubt will make you roll a blunt and watch it again. HAM

Rogoish snapped his collar bone in 3 places and fractured it in a 4th and Big homie Tony Ennis and Lahkobza helped him out with last week’s TWM series video. Enjoy!

Go to Tuesdays With Miles for more videos.

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