“In this short film documenting Oakley’s Josh Harrington on a trip to the seemingly cold and desolate northern european state of Estonia for the Simpel Session contest, we experience in his own words the solidarity of self-awareness of traveling to a foreign country, unable to adjust to your surroundings while still having to focus on putting himself in the mindset of riding in front of thousands of people on a BMX bike.” Via Defgrip

Your boy JJ Palmere got fans. Shout out to these two young females supporting the legacy of the horse.

My friends Will Preslar, Dylan Wiggins and Mike Burgees and I filmed together for a short time before I moved from Greenville, Nc to Cali back in December. I sat on the footage for a while until i finally edited it, then put it online. That was about two months ago and I kept forgetting to throw an embed code on the trip site until now. So, if you haven’t seen this, enjoy.

Big Vaz just had a B-Day this past week and he chopped of the steeze!

Congrats on Life Alex! The Trip Loves you man, Happy B-Day from the crew ++

Lahsaan with the harlem globetrotter top piece! Back when it all started.

He says he gonna keep it growing until after the 1st Official The Trip DVD project. Psyked homie, Goodluck!

There’s a new company in the works that Ty has recently left federal for. The products are looking good and rumor has it that there’s a promo gonna drop real soon. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

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