Catfish sent over this update from where ever the hell he’s at!!!

What up boys ? Grandpa still out in Asia going on 6 weeks filming for my new TV show called Strangers in Danger.
Been doing so much crazy shit. Just wait for the show. Miss you guys tons and i got some fucking stories for you.
Did you know in thailand there are girls that shoot darts out of their vaginas? There is and they do. Holler soon.

Your boy.

Tony has been to BCN a few times and this time Primo rented a house for a month and Neyer got some heat. Peep the crib and see how he was living in Spain for a few weeks party cam steeze ++

Baby LK and TamTam roasting the berms

Lahsaan and Tammy went up to LA 2 years ago and got stranded with no money or food just bikes and smokes ++

Starting out our first throwback thursdays is Drew york killing it in tulsa,This Osiris vid came out about a year ago now. Hefty bars from DY!

Around the same time Drew’s edit dropped Miles had gone to Barcelona to shred and got hurt his fourth day in Spain and had to fly home for surgery. Both Miles and Drew are now on Osiris pro and Rogoish has a color way coming out soon. Congrats homies ++

Miles is sleeping good as of now! We got a new setup going already.

We gon make it, We gon make it -Steve-o voice

Lahsaan and Tammy filmed this edit the first week Gary Young hooked LK up with some VANS . Stay tuned we will be doing “Throwback Thursdays” every thursday starting this coming week! ++

Ty,Lacey,Garret and Harrington all got the invite to XGames again! Be on the look out for our dudes killn it with all the other very lucky invites! ++

Here’s a sample piece. I’ve got a whole line of “faces I remember,” which are similar. The website will be up by August 2oth fully stocked with original paintings, prints, stickers, and shirts. See you then. www.1000beans.com – Drew York

1,000 BEANS-Promo from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo.

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