Hoang just went on a 3 day Dans trip and this is what they did. Camping and bmx sounds like the dream to me ++

Neyer has been on top of the hang game for a while now here’s proof! ++

The first Fiend house is a wrap. JJ, Ennis, Ty and Garret all just moved to a new place. Congrats dudes ++

Catfish is gonna start sending in 3 WTF pics frequently. Follow our dude on twitter @catfishcatfish and his new tv show Strangers in danger ++

I’m in Romania right now. Girls here are insanely hot. I’ll confuse you all with 3 pics from the last couple of days. Ridaz. ++ripaz!

Rogoish,Tran,Tammy and Lahsaan all ride for LK’s new company Blunted and they just did a shop stop at KingsRideShop in the high desert. Kids were pumped and we had a rad sesh behind the shop in a alley and at one of the dopest (Bmx Only) parks in CA!

The crew chilling in the only shade in that alley watching the dudes shred the ledge/rail set up

Go Top

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