“Overall it was a good trip. Everyone got good stuff and there was a lot of diverse riding. Riders coming up with different ideas than others at spots and just good vibes despite the hot weather. We will figure it out a little better next time, this is only the beginning. Our first team trip.”

– Garrett Reynolds

Head over to Defgrip to see the rest of Fiends first trip. ++


Congrats to our boys Scott Ditchburn, Dan Lacey, And Bruno Hoffman ++

More BMX Videos

Listen to Miles speak some ish on how he started filming and why he is still enjoying riding to this day over at Defgrip, Enjoy your Trip! ++

Me an my homies Corey Scott, Dalton Stone and Corey Frye went dove hunting today an flat out raped em, we ended the day with a total of 47 birds. Now it’s time to clean em, wrap them in bacon an BBQ sauce an grub out! Good times. Maybe my next post will have something to do with riding but in the mean time were in the woods. Get errrrrrr done! Yewww!

-Rick Scott

Sup homies?

Chilling in Bolivia right now. Still getting my film on for the show. Be sure to peep the premier on Tuesday! Fuel TV 10:30pm!
I get my world rocked by a karate master. It sucked but at least I had my ++rip shirt on.
Here are some more wtf pics for you to cringe at.

Male horses have balls. We cut this ones off. So much blood.

Flying over the cocaine fields of Colombia. Heavily armed.

Flying a MIG fighter jet. I’ve been higher but I’ve never gone faster. 🙂
-Catfish ++

Our dude Brad is out in Austria enjoying some of the finer thing life has to offer. Enjoy it Simms ++

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