HOLY BADMEN!!! Alex and Bruno fucking shit up on another level! Their styles have truly become so much more in this last year. Dan was killing it on the mic the whole trip, congrats on a good time guys! ++

-HAHA snaptastic photo from his cricket meech.

“Sup +rippaz!
Droppin through with some photos of whats been up lately. Just got back from my first time across the pond to the United Kingdom on a super fun 2 week Amity tour. Had an unforgettable party, met some sick dudes, peeped mad birds, took a bunch of shits, and crutched a bunch of nugs. Couple vids lurking around of the goodtimes, theres a couple pics from the trip here tough. One is me and gullifacator Jeff Weezecott strait tri-je+s on a beach we sailed out to on a yacht and bbq’d mackerel n shit. Made for a great final chill day of the trip. This other is super rad and wanna give the homie Ben Snowshall a big shoutout for bein a chill ass shredder and reppin proper in that +ee. Bournemouth +rippa, Cheers bruva. Unfortunately for me that photo was taken just after i tore something in my knee trying to refilm a clip and couldnt walk the rest of the trip. Definitly gutted i cant ride still but am healing up and am happy it wasnt worse. Slowly cheerin up hahah. So been chillin here at my crib with my boy Jar and Sun. Da boss Miles know… come kick it. ++ easy sickening”


The Oklahomies welcome Ty Morrow, Garrett Reynolds, JJ Palamere, Tony Ennis, Chase Dehart, and Will Stroud. Cinema Wheels and Fiend have decided to Team up on a collab VX edit in the beautiful and Hellish city of Tulsa Oklahoma. Expect some Mobile pics to be added to the site through their stay.

Big Drew came through with some bangers in this one! Tons of sick shit in here from Wade and Kiraly too. The Intro is hilarious, Can’t steal Drew’s shine time! ++

Rogoish just had surgery in his hometown of Tulsa, Get well soon brother ++

The big homie Neyer got 4th place in The Hunt after teaming up with Tony Ennis, Congrats Fam

Tammers went over the pond with Amity for the first time and had a kick ass time. He ended up wrecking his MCL for the second ytime halfway through the trip. Get well soon homie!

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