Scott got together with James Alcock to film this frame promo at Ramp Worx and The Bone Yard. The weather’s pretty grim this time of the year in England so you’ll have to due with indoor footage for now. If you’re craving some street footage from Ditchburn, check out his Lotek video from his time in the states last May below.

One after another! Lacey’s amazing year is paying off! Big congrats and get well soon to one of the Uk’s finest.

Redbull shot a dope video of Bruno travelling from Germany to NY for the “Trick or Treat” contest. Bruno get’s a little shredding in with Dak and Russ after the contest as well. Check it out here.


Garrett has an interview up on the Ride site talking about the upcoming deadline video. We’re approaching the end of what seems like a never-ending project. The last three years have been sick filming with the crew and we can’t wait for the next one!


Two summers ago, Nike put on two awesome contests in Barcelona, Spain. The first of which was the “Standby” contest. The concept was to take groups of 4 riders from USA, Germany, Spain, England and France each equipped with a filmer and a photographer on the streets of BCN for a week and see what happens. A day after the street contest, Nike put on another contest for the ramp dudes with some ramps they built earlier in the week.

Here is the American team’s 3rd place video featuring Ty, Dennis, Rob and Shane.

Dan has been absolutely murdering lately, so what a great decision and positive addition to the cinema team for 2012 and years to come, Congrats bruva! well deserved…. follow Dan on twitter

Brad Simms is currently trippin around Australia right now with good man Brandon Means. Brad always repping so dam hard… respect. ++ Have fun!

Hoang Tran met up with Miles at Rancho park with da boy Connor for a fun session. Hoang always merks shit up, enjoy.

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