Primo made the great decision of adding Dat ol boy Ty Moe to the team, and heres the more original welcome video/ day in dar life. Of course Tony Ennis has it looking right and it came out dope. Congrats Ty!

Miles Rogoish comes in for this weeks throwback with heat from a Props bio a couple years back. We are all so glad to see Miles back on his bike after countless setbacks and surgeries. Da boy always brings a smile and fire clips, so were exited to see him have fun and kill it for days to come! ++

Heres a dope video for ESPN that Tammy did with da boy Miles. Glad to hear Tammy will be back riding in a couple weeks. In case you’re wondering what happened to Tammy heres what they had to say on the site. “Amity Bikes pro Tammy McCarley twisted his ACL in Europe last fall and took four months off from riding. In the time he wasn’t riding, he acquired health insurance and wanted to get an edit done before going to the doctor, just in case the news regarding his knee was bad. It turns out, the news wasn’t great. But following physical therapy and some more time away from the bike, Tammy is back pedaling his BMX bike. He should be back to riding at full capacity within a few months, and this video is a good reminder of what we’ve been missing. ”

Ty beasts his way onto the cover of the new Ride Bmx Magazine. Everything Ty does is 100% huge and im not surprised they used 360 at Rincon for this months cover, holy fuck! Go cop this issue and read Ty’s interview

Steezus christ himself Tony Neyer just got added to the pro squad over at Dans. Congrats homie! Check this crispy welcome vid that Neyer teamed up with Miles to create.

Also peep this recent Verde ad of a dope unlucky on a hefty ledge setup, featured in Ride UK

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