A bunch of the homies went out to Arizona for a few days to film for various projects and a shop stop at Serenity, along with Benson from Albion. The shop stop went well, everyone had a great time and stacked solid clips. Heres a bunch of random nugs from the trip, look out for all the official content soon!

Bruno always hits heavy with everything he puts out, but this is strait HEAT, sick guy. Never slows down, always a treat to watch, enjoy ++

Alex Vazquez comin through with this weeks throwback. AV makes good use of every part of this park like a boss,stackin up heavy with some lil gremlin clippin up the intro, haha.

Check this huge turndown on the famous Rincon setup, Alex is nuts!

When Garrett footage is released is a hammer every time and this is no exception. A few lines in this video are unmatchable and own the highest amount of steeze possible. Dude is nuts! Such a treat to watch this video everyone killed it and looked to be a great ass time.

Check out the Disposed they did for Defgrip as well.

Miles dropped this edit in November of 2010 after a long battle with his knee. Right after this edit, he had some trouble with his wrist and more recently shoulder. He’s back on his bike now and starting to get back to shredding. We’re all looking forward to what’s next.

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