JJ just worked together with that ol boy Tony Ennis to create this masterpiece. Enjoy how good this is!

Jeff Z called up Ty to talk about his recent cover of Ride. Cool to hear about thoughts leading up to a banger.

This is absolutely nuts, Alex gets dope moves done with ease in one session at a plaza in L.A and creates this amazing watch. ++

Tammy edited up his leftovers from Amity’s recent release of “teide”, a dvd they dropped from Tenerife, Spain. Free copy with Soul Bmx issue 75 if you have access to that.

Palmere fills you on on how fresh his new Ty Morrow sig Fiend frame is with this check over on RIDE. JJ is a boss, his Deadline section is going to BANG!

Our boy Neyer took a bad spill this past weekend during the Cinema X Etnies trip in Portland. After a long day of riding, a smith hard 180 during a skatepark demo got the best of him and he broke his lower leg. He was rushed to the hospital and put into surgery soon after. Luckily Neyer has been in the good care of John Povah, Will Stroud and Aaron Cooke with the ARF, big shout out to those guys.

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